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Fancy Dress Ideas For A Party

So you’ve decided to throw a fancy dress party, but now it’s time for the tricky part – choosing an outfit.

As there is such a bewildering array of costumes available, it might be an idea to set a theme for your party, as this will make it slightly easier for you and your guests to decide on what to wear.

A fancy dress party is a great opportunity for you to be outlandish, and a costume is a great way to come out of yourself for an evening, behaving in a way you wouldn’t normally, so when picking your outfit, try and be as outrageous as you can!

Some party ideas you might consider are fleshed out briefly below, but of course you are not limited to these, and with a little extra thought you can pull off a truly original party idea – let your imagination run riot, and challenge yourself and your guests to pull all the stops out!

A very popular idea for adult fancy dress is a Rocky Horror-themed party. This iconic movie still has a cult following nearly 40 years on, with enduring characters such as Riff-Raff and Dr. Frank-n-Furter and many others. Although you are not necessary limited to specific characters here, if you are familiar with the stage production you will know that fans often attend performances in full transvestite garb, giving you the perfect excuse to be truly outrageous!

Take a nostalgic walk back through your childhood with a cartoon character-themed evening. Everyone has their own fondly remembered favourites. DangerMouse, Count Duckula, He-Man or She-Ra, Thundercats, maybe even one of the Smurfs – there are plenty of other iconic characters to choose from, who do you remember?

One of the most popular themes at the moment is the 1920’s flavour of prohibition-era America and a ‘Gangsters & Molls’ night always goes down well. Guys can deck themselves out in the sharp pin-striped suits of the age, with fedoras, Tommy guns and thin moustaches finishing the look off, while the gals can either be gangsters themselves, or the more flamboyant floozies of the time, Charleston Flappers, those feather boa’d cabaret temptresses! Whichever theme you eventually decide upon, there are some other things you can do to enhance the party.

With some simple decorations, you can transform you party area, lending some atmosphere and authenticity to the evening. Adults will love silly party games, and playing them promises lots of fun, particularly when alcohol enters the mix! You should also consider offering prizes too, as this will lend a competitive edge, and ensures that you and your guests will go all out to look the best.