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Fancy Dress Ideas - Thoughts on Party Themes

Fancy dress ideas – a few general tips

A theme for a fancy dress party is only limited by your own imagination because there is so much choice available and the variations of themes to choose from. All you have to do is to think of something that you like and you can use that as a theme, it could be anything from your favourite film or television series, favourite pop group or even your favourite period in history.
Try to avoid choosing a theme that is too obscure for most people to be familiar with and remember the key element is to keep it fun for all your guests, avoid the obscure and choose something for your theme that most people are fairly familiar with and are able to think of costumes ideas easily with a bit of thought or research but do not make it too much of a complex task or challenge because not everyone does relish a challenge and there is the possibility that they may find it off putting . Consider it as the difference between hosting an astronaut party and a Rudolph Valentino party.

Astronauts wear space suits and the majority of people know this as an accepted fact and could easily think of a costume idea for an astronaut party without too much difficulty but as for Mr Valentino, who is he? What did he look like? That is my point about the obscure and why it should generally be avoided. It can make what should be simply fun become an effort,  so try to keep party ideas easily accessible for people and nothing too obscure because people may even not come to the party if they feel under pressure because of the choice of theme and it is difficult to source or choose an outfit. Remember that there are always people who do not find it fun to dress up and  very obscure ideas might be just the excuse they have been looking for not to attend your Fancy dress party. It could even be too difficult to obtain an outfit for anything to obscure  so it is always best to keep it easily accessible  ensuring it is fun and includes as many people as possible because it is a party after all!

Giving your guests plenty of a notice in advance always helps to make sure as many people as possible attend. People as a rule are generally busy with work and other commitments and will appreciate plenty of time to enable them to search popular websites like ebay and the local fancy dress hire shops to find the perfect outfit. Giving  people plenty of time in advance to get involved always helps with any preparations and because there will generally always be one or two guest who will decide it is a good idea to make their own outfit. They will also realise that it is not as easy to make an outfit as it initially seemed to be and it can become very involved dependent upon factors such as attention to detail.

Popular themes for fancy dress parties always leave people plenty of room for personal interpretation, I will use the example a 1920’s fancy dress party that a friend recently hosted. One  guest arrived to the party dressed as Tutankhamun . What does that have to do with the Roaring 20’s? The tomb of Tutankhamun was first discovered in 1929. Female guests could opt for obvious outfit choices and wear wigs of the bob haircut of the period and wear a Flapper dress and large feather boa which were popular evening wear of the time. The pilot Charles Lindberg made his world famous solo Atlantic crossing in the plane named the Spirit of St Louis in the 1920’s so it is just as 1920’s to arrive at a fancy dress party in a 1920’s pilot outfit complete with leather flying hat, jacket  and goggles as it could be just as 1920’s to arrive as an Egyptian mummy.

A recent successful and well attended fancy dress party hosted by a friend was themed the French party. Some guests wore the usual string of French onions and striped jumpers and berets but the more fashion conscious arrived at the party in designer clothing made by famous French designer brands such as Givenchy and Yves St Laurent. The more open to interpretation a fancy dress party is then the more you will be surprised by the different costumes and ingenuity of your guests as they interpret the theme of the night in their own individual way and add their own individual interpretation and twist to the theme. Remember the first rule of fancy dress though, that it should always be fun and there should be plenty of room for the imagination of each guest to come up with a unique costume.