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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday period that throughout the history is used to celebrate the end of summer and supernatural figures such as monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils costumes were made for the adults and kids to wear as a disguise to go and ask for coins or food.

The Jack-o-lantern is one of the items that were changed from the original turnips that was used to the bigger pumpkins that are easier to shape the face and lit a candle once the seeds have been taken out.  A few of these lanterns are a must to have to create the right atmosphere for any Halloween party.

Should one follow the legends of the monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches and devils, Dracula and Frakenstein you will realize that the legends have been altered to include the children in the modern day and age where some of the characters did not have families mentioned in the legends?  This idea could create an interesting medium for the whole family.  If your children like the idea of being Dracula's children, they could use costumes that dates back to the same period and add the traditional black cloak to their wardrobe to fit in with the Dracula family.

The ninja clothes, the outer space suits, the medical profession's wardrobe, the clown from the circus, The Reaper and his tool, the werewolf costume and much more are costumes that started to be used at the beginning of the 21st century to wear for the Halloween holiday.  To be scary in your costume would be the highest point of achievement for the evening.

The newer ideas for the Halloween party for costumes could include the Bride and Groom costume for couples to wear where the roles are reversed in the sense that the man should be the bride and wear the wedding gown and the woman should be dressed as the groom.  The costumes could be to display themes were the funnier part of life could be portrayed as all the costumes do not have to be scary anymore.

The later date of the Halloween celebration used to be a fancy dress party with all wearing masks that would either be held with one hand or the masks that has elastic to keep the mask in place.  Feathers and glitter for the masks would be interesting to see as the masks normally only consists of a piece of material that had the eyes cut out and a hardened portion that would fit over the bridge of the nose and artificial feathers would be attached to the top portion of the mask.  (You could even be Marie Antoinette)

The guising of the children when they go out to do the trick-or-treat part had a different meaning as per the earlier versions of the Halloween period.  Currently the children will knock on doors and say the words and the grown ups will play along to hand them candy for the trick portion and hope the threat in the treat will not be applied as it used to be when the first holiday was celebrated  and recorded in the early 1895's.  As part of the trick, the children could sing a song to get their treat of candy.

One of the traditional games that were played during Halloween is to Dunk an Apple.  A big basin filled with water and a few apples that is floating in it would be an interesting idea if one was to kneel on a chair and then try to bite an apple to remove it from the water.  The other traditional aspect was to tell ghost stories around a fire.  The scarier the story the better and if you have a haunted house to go to, that would really put the cherry on the cake.  To follow these old traditions in the modern day and age could really bring a change to the way the Halloween parties are celebrated.

Even to have a theme of the "Henry VI" period with their style of clothes and food and games for the period would be most enjoyable but the woman’s dresses with all the hoops and lace may very well be a problem as most of our modern transport means doors would not be able to open big enough to allow a person with such a costume to get in a vehicle.