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Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Halloween Fancy Dress


If you're having a kids party or going trick or treating with them for Halloween, the first place to start is a classic witches or wizard costumes. The kids will love the big pointy hats and broomsticks or why not go as skeletons or ghosts and scare the neighbours!

Alternatively kids always love the Harry Potter characters -dress them up as a Death Eater or Dementor and they will have a great time being the baddies. If you're hosting a kids party then you can really go to town to make it authentic. Dress the room up with sheets and spooky spiders webs and make don't forget to carve out the pumpkins with the kids beforehand. Make sure you add plenty of orange and black decorations, that can be found in most shops and you'll be ready.

Halloween Games

There are some great games you can play including the old fashioned apple bobbing, where the kids will have great fun getting wet, or pin the hand on the skeleton - a spooky take on pin the tail on the donkey! For the food - add orange or black colouring to cakes or biscuits and you'll have some fantastic disgusting looking Halloween food that will amaze your children.

Well what about the adults? If you're heading out to a party or hosting one of your own, there are so many themes to choose from. You could keep it open and let everyone choose or you might want to pick a theme. Black and White is a great theme if you want to keep it simple or you could choose Good or Evil - then people could come as Evil Black Witches or Wizards, Red Devils or Good White Fairies!

Similar to that is the Heroes and Villains theme where people could come as superheroes like Batman or Superman, or villains such as The Joker or a Harry Potter Dementor! You might want to choose a film theme where people could come as Beetlejuice, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, Edward Scissorhands, characters from The Addams family or one of the Ghostbusters or Mallowman! The Twilight films have Vampires are now a really popular option- don't forget the fangs! You can just keep it simple and have a Halloween theme where people can choose from a wide range of costumes such as witches and wizards, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls, vampire and devils. If you're hosting a party for the adults there are plenty of ways to make it go with a bang!

Make a punch or a special Halloween cocktail, there are plenty of Halloween themed bowls and glasses to serve it in. Decorate the rooms with lots of pumpkin lanterns and tea lights, turn off the lights and you'll have a spooky Halloween feel. If you're heading out and looking to turn heads then why not go as a Sexy Witch or Sexy Devil with a short sexy costume and some high heels.

Whatever you do this Halloween it's bound to be fun if you follow some of our tips.

List of Halloween Costume ideas

Beetlejuice - is the biggest and best seller, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Ghostbusters - male ghostbuster, sexy ghostbuster and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man

Freddy Krueger costumes from Nightmare on Elm Street -

both mail and female Harry Potter costumes

The Dark Knight/Batman - batman and batgirl costumes, the joker costume

The Addams Family - Morticia, Wednesday, Uncle Fester Jekyll and Hyde skeletons

Edward Scissorhands

Witches and Wizards Sexy Witches Vampires and vampiresses Devils

And loads of the above stuff is available for kids too,

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