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Kids Fancy Dress Ideas

Hosting a kids fancy dress party can be a great way to make the party enjoyable for both the kids attending and the parents who are bringing the kids. Some things to consider when hosting a kids fancy dress party are the ages of the kids that will be coming to the party as well as what the mix of boys and girls will be. If the party is mainly or solely attended by girls up to say the age of six then a princess party would be a great fancy dress theme for girls. You could have a curtsying contest or the best princess pose contest, ask some of the other parents to help you to judge the contests and pick a winner but remember to award everyone a small prize and make the match the theme.

If you are hosting a party that is going to be attended mainly by boys ages upto six then a cowboy and Indian party always goes down well, as most young boys will have toy guns in their own toy collection. One contest you could have is a draw your gun the fastest. Perhaps you could even buy some toy guns that fire soft darts you could do a 10 paces and shoot kind of dual event for the kids.

For younger children you could also look at what is popular on kids TV at the time and hire one of the current kids favourite adult costumes and then get one of the adults to make a special appearance, this is something we did for my youngest daughter a few years back. The guests of honour were Iggly piggly and Usppsy daisy who were at the time my daughters favourite characters. Remember too that for young children these characters are as real as you and I and the look on all the kids faces not to mention the sheer noise level in the house confirmed this was a great move, and ensured everyone went home having been to a party they would remember for a while at least.

For kids that are older say seven to twelve you could again use the princess theme for girls. However I would consider making these partly pampering parties as well, painting nails, give the kids a make over with make up if you dont feel confident enough to do the nail painting or make up yourself. Check your yellow pages as most beauty salons offer this as service and the cost is a lot lower than you may think.

For boys at the same age seven to twelve you could check to see what the latest big thing is on children's TV at the minute. A Ben ten party would go down a storm with most boys, or you could always have a superhero kids fancy dress party, what little boy do not  like pretending to be there favourite super hero when they were growing up?  The list of super heroes for the boys to choose from is ever expanding thanks to Hollywood churning out super hero after super hero films recently. A good game to play at a super hero party would be to incorporate a treasure hunt game but get a grown up to play the part of a evil villain and the kids need to find the treasure in order to stop the evil genius from taking over the world.

If you are hosting a kids fancy dress party that is going to be attended by both boys and girls and there is a varied mix of ages , I would suggest not setting a specific theme. Not having a set theme allows the parents more freedom when looking for a costume. Games you could run at any of the parties and for any of the age groups could be a contest for the best dressed and the best impression of the character the kids are dressed as.

One important thing to remember is that kids love using there imagination and allowing them to dress up as there favourite character is an almost sure fire way to make sure everyone has a great day.