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Ladies 60s and 70s Fancy Dress

There's lots to choose from with our range of ladies 60s and 70s fancy dress outfits. You could be a mod or a hippie. You'll be a real groovy chick in one of our flower power outfits.
1960's Groovy Baby, Brown, with Dress and Fringe Waistcoat
316 item(s)

1960's Hippy Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Dress and Headband
492 item(s)

1960's Purple Hippie Costume with Waistcoat
9 item(s)

1960s CND Costume, Multi-Coloured, Dress with Bell Sleeves
190 item(s)

1960s Groovy Lady, Brown, with Dress, Printed Waistcoat and Headband
1688 item(s)

1960s Hippie Beaded Headband, Brown
199 item(s)

1960s Party Girl Costume, Black & White, with Dress and Hat
83 item(s)

1960s Psychedelic CND Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Shift Dress & Hat

1960s Tie Dye Costume, Psychedellic, with Dress
454 item(s)

1970's Dancing Dream Costume, Pink, includes Lace up Jumpsuit
911 item(s)

1970's Dancing Dream Costume, Blue, includes Lace up Jumpsuit
14 item(s)

60's Swirl Dress
2 item(s)